August 26, 2008

Basement Entertainment!

The basement is getting more and more fun! Brett brought home this cool bean bag from Bean Bag Universe and now it's really fun to lounge downstairs. The kids rarely want to be upstairs anymore. Not only is the tv cool, but having the Wii hooked up to it is definitely what the boys are thrilled about! Now if I can only get them to come up for dinner!
You'd think we've enjoyed some great movies here.. not yet actually! I don't know why either!
The air hockey table is actually being played more that it is downstairs where it is cool! And to top it off, we have a fun popcorn party popper to have some pretty fun parties eventually! Thanks to G'pa Bill for getting it for my parents.. we'll really enjoy it!!
Thanks to Chad (Brett's really talented brother) for hooking up our stairs.. they are so so soft! Just don't forget about our Master bedroom.. we'll haunt you down until it's done!!


lvs2dance said...

Wow! Look how awesome everything looks! I want to see it in person though! You really need to come and help me with my decorating...I really envy how you will just make up your mind and then get it done. I wish that I was more like that...sigh, maybe someday.