August 26, 2008

Boy Bathroom & Bedrooms

So, I have made some amazing progress on the house and it's fun to share! This is the boys bathroom downstairs in the basement! They love it and I like it just a little too!!!
I added pictures of them at the beach this summer to go along with the theme! They took some pretty good shots! This is Karsen of course!
And to the far left is Colten's beach picture!  The sandcastle picture of the both of them is their very most favorite!
Here is an updated shot of Karsen's Monkey room.. still a little to finish. I want to paint something fun and have a few more things to hang up on the wall.
Colten's room is a little more behind! He can't decide if he wants me to do a sports theme or just a skateboard room. Maybe you can help us decide!


Caleen said...

What a great idea for their rooms and the bathroom is so fun. They are two lucky boys. They have a Mom that is talented in so many ways.. I love the pictures. I love real pictures of people doing "real" things. I bet they are very proud of their rooms and bathroom.