August 31, 2008's 2-wheeler time!

Our little girl is riding a 2-wheeler now! We've been waiting for this day since her brother Karsen learned at 3 and Colten learned at 4. Now, it's her time and she's taken off just like she did on snow skiis - no fear in her! We are so proud of her! Now, all she wants to do is practice all the time.
Cambria and her coach (daddy), on a few of her first attempts.. maybe she's a little nervous here!
Everyone must fall.. but she took it tough and laughed so much! She would actually try to fall onto the grass and has some amazing jump offs!
Now, it's on to the next big bike.. that one was too little real fast! She's got some pretty long legs!
Here are the boys showing the bikes they actually learned on the Summer of 2005! It's amazing how fast they grow up! Now, Cambria has taken over both of these bikes!