August 8, 2008

FireHole Swimming in West Yellowstone & Fishing Madison River

We are at the Firehole Swimming area.. it was fun to swim & float down the current of the river! The kids even got in for an hour and swam around. The boys & Cambria even swam upstream with dad and floated down the river!

Cambria just having a great time and being a brave, big girl! It wasn't the warmest water..but worth the FuN!
Dad and Kids showing where they were swimming... they did it and we were so proud! It was kind of a big deal to swim in the river with fish in there too! The current was kind of strong and pulled them down the river. Way to go guys!!
This next picture is of the boys fishing on the Madison River.  Not too many fish here, but the company was great!! Brett, Tyler, Colten and Karsen walked down the river to fish & on the way back, Karsen fell was kind of chilly to say the least!!