August 8, 2008

the SpeNCer kIDs SiNGing Debut

How many mP3 players can be playing in a car at one time?? That's not the problem here...but how many different songs can be sung!! Coincidently, Colten and Cambria were on the same song just a second behind the other.. Cambria magically caught up to sing with him!
Karsen is hard to catch singing because he's a little shyer than the rest! Luckily, I caught a moment here as he is singing a song with the lyric "walking on broken glass", but he doesn't say that. Listen to hear what he says, it's funny! Cambria also love to sing and she's here singing a song from Camp Rock. And as always, Colten doesn't stop singing and you can hear him in the background!
I had to put this video in to show you how intense Colten is with his music! "Music is in his soul!" When he started bustin' it out.. Brett was overwhelmed with Colten's intense voice!  He was trying to read the last Twilight book, but kept getting interrupted from all the singing in the car. At one point, I even had my mP3 on with the new Sugarland music as we drove home. We really were driving daddy crazy..just imagine trying to read the best book ever with 4 loud singers within 8 ft of you! Sorry Babe...


Amy said...

You need to sign Colten up the next American Idol kid version. I love how he just doesn't care who or what is going on, he just belts it out. Way cute.