September 23, 2008

Birthday Celebrations!

Young girly's celebrating my Birthday!
We had a delicious dinner at Pizza Factory! Why one of my favorite places to eat? An easy answer... the Never On Sundae dessert! Yummy!
Out with Jenny @ the Cheesecake Factory for her Birthday dinner!  More yummy food!
Kristen and Amy came too!!!
We had a lot of girly fun and loud girly talk! I don't know what the people around us really felt, but we had an amazing night!
Always can't wait to do something together again! It's hot tub night soon!


Amy said...

It's been so good to hang out with all of us, so reminds me of the good ol days huh? Love the pics, and happy happy day to you, in 2 more days. Love ya

lvs2dance said...

Love the tiarra! Like I said last night, I do find it strange that the bday girl isn't in the center of the picture.
I had fun hot tubbing with you last night...looking forward to the next time!
Hey would you be interested in doing aqua arobics at the gym? It starts at 9:30...I am thinking about doing it Mon, Wed, and would be fun to help motivate each other. Give it some thought and let me know