September 15, 2008

It's Saturday Soccer again!

Karsen and Colten have really enjoyed being on the same team - the Cougars, of course! If it wasn't for BYU, we'd have played on another team name in Utah. (I'm curious if one even exists - the Utes don't count!) The only time we haven't been the Cougars is whenever Brett has been the coach; then, they come up with other cool names! 
Karsen racing off the field for a break.. he played a really tough game and was a top player! He ran fast (something he isn'y known to do) and tackled many players by sliding in front of them - including his own brother (something he is known to do)! Colten played a tough, defensive game and stopped the other team so many times! He likes to slide too!!
I thought this was pretty funny - they were trying to teach the kids better spacing when a corner kick is happening...holding hands though?? Colten & Karsen were good sports about it...
So, we can't forget about Cambria's soccer game right after the boys game. She still says "we don't have to pay for her to play next year..." She had a fun game and was proud because she never asked for a time-out (what she's known to do).  I've video-taped I think 10 minutes too much of her... she chases the group of kids who are chasing the ball! It's the same thing week after week.... so, you can imagine how the boys felt watching her!
In fact, here is Karsen showing you just how much fun it is watching Cambria play! This pretty much says it all - Although, I think he's being a little tough on her! I remember starting the boys at 4 and the games being the same, chase, run, kick, trip, fall, run some more. Well, the boys actually touched the ball! Great job though Cambria! We're glad you got to play this year!  It has been fun(ny) to watch!


Amy said...

Woo Hoo for little Cambria, what a tough little cookie! I love that she can just hang with the boys, a girl after my own heart.

lvs2dance said...

I LOVE that Cambria will play sports....oh if only I could get my kids to do that. We had so much fun with you guys the other night. I agree with you that we need to make that a monthly event. Your house re-vamps look amazing...seriously do you think that you can help me with mine. I just need some motivation and ideas and you seem to be #1 in both of those areas! Please help me friend!
BTW- please, please come with us tonight..... I will call and beg you today, just in case you don't read this comment today! Hope that it has been smooth sailing with your parents! ;-)