September 23, 2008

BYU...Kirstin's Alma Mater

BYU Football game vs. Wyoming
I don't know why it takes visitors to get us to do something out of the norm, but we had a remarkable time at the BYU game with my parents! It was a slaughter...44-0, so we left at the end of the 3rd quarter to beat the traffic on State Street.
BYU fans all dressed in our BLUE! Brett even wore Blue.. that's amazing!
Cambria & G'ma Sue at the game... she liked watching the cheerleaders! Now, she wants to be a Cheerleader, not a soccer player!
Wow.. a picture of me & my hubby at my Alma Mater...1997 graduate! That was ages ago!
Colten, Karsen, Brett and my dad, Kirk at the game... GO TEAM! The boys favorite parts of the game were touchdowns!, watching the team pass the ball, and Cosmo, the Cougar Mascot!


Amy said...

Sure looks like fun!!!! Love all the pics.