October 3, 2008

Brett's Hike to Lone Peak... Elevation 11,251 feet

Brett's ascent to Lone Peak with Chris Taylor.. start time.. 7:00am
Majestic views already and the hikes just begun!
Didn't know that so many Mountain Goats roamed these parts...
Cougar tracks....way too fresh! Can we hike just a bit faster?
Amazing terrain and wonderful views!
Chris makes boulder climbing look easy...Rock on!
More and more and more Mountain Goats... they literally made this terrain look easy to maneuver on! 
We reached the top.... Lone Peak... Elevation 11,251 ft.
4 hours 45 minutes
Heavenly views from the top of Lone Peak!
On top of Lone Peak looking South over Utah Valley
Brett thought this picture was cool of his foot so close to the edge... I didn't agree!      "Chris T., if you can't take better care of him...next time, he can't go!" 
Chris finding his way back down the side of Lone Peak!
I particularly thought this move was pretty cool! I'm sure Brett has one just like it on Chris' camera...
Just a beautiful hike...
Question Mark wall... obviously!
Lone Peak.. the one in the middle.
Chris hiking back up a steep, smooth, slick hill!
Close to home.. "I wonder how many blisters I'll have on my feet tomorrow?"
(He has 5 already...) It was well worth it!
A perfect way to end a wonderful summer and fall season.. We have a huge storm moving in this weekend.. Dropping 20 degrees overnight.. ouch! Snow involved too!!!


Stephanie said...

Way to go! I am truly impressed at the intensity of the hike. Nice cougar tracks, yikes!

Amy said...

What a cool hike, WOW it looks crazy, so fun foe them!

lvs2dance said...

Wow! what great views!!! I would love to go on a hike like that! Kudos to you Brett!