October 5, 2008

What Women Can do - at least me!!

First, on Wednesday & Thursday, I (Kirstin) with a little (& I mean teensy) help from Brett, stripped the stairs and repainted them both to match. It was driving me crazy that they were two different colors. They look amazing now! and Brett even agrees... (He wanted me to leave them alone, but as you can tell... it's sad for him - but he RARELY gets his way!)
Second, on Thursday, I (all by myself) sanded, smoothed, washed and restained our beautiful spa! It's now all ready for the ever dreaded cold, rainy, and snowy winter ahead! BUT, we are so excited to get in it on cold, snowy nights and after all of our snow-ski days!  It's worth every penny we spend on keeping it warm - which is a lot of pennies!!!
Third, on Friday, I (while Brett was on his Lone Peak hike) shoveled huge piles of dirt (which Brett had made from another project I have him doing) to make it level ground, hula-hoed all the weeds out, raked the dirt smooth, removed a few plants I didn't like and filled an entire wheel-barrow full for Brett to remove!! All this while it was raining on me!! Yes, I know I am SuperWoman and I am not for rent! Now, it's back to work inside the house!
Lastly, Brett's big brother Chadro hooked us up again and re-carpeted our Master Bedroom. What an amazing feeling it is to have it so gorgeous - it's like walking on a cloud! We can't believe the difference! Brett and I giggled after it was all complete and put back together - we love it! Thanks Chad for taking time for us! We really, really appreciate it! What else we loved was that Chad noticed how bad the original carpet looks in our house - so hopefully it won't be hard to get him back here a few more times.. HEE HEE HEE! (Okay, so I can't take credit on this one... just the decorating part!)
To Celebrate our progress and thank Chad for all his hard work, we took his family to the Pizza Factory and splurged on Pizzas and Never-on-Sundae Desserts! So yummy and we're still full!! It was fun to have you down - don't be strangers in our home! Love you guys!


nspency said...

It really does look good...straight out of a catalog. That's a good-lookin bunch of people in that last pic too! Thanks again for the yummy pizza, and the fun day.

The Great Quiram Adventure said...

Jamie's right...you have way more energy than most. I wish I was a stay at home mom so I could do all of those things again. I miss having everything the way I want it...and done in the time I say it should be. When I am finally done (with law school....man I hope I can do that!) I hope to work only 4 days....maybe then I can get back to finishing all of the projects I want to see accomplished.

Amy said...

You definitely are SUPERWOMAN, Jake would like to borrow you not rent, just for some organizational skills. You up for it?

lvs2dance said...

Wow you are a busy bee! Everything looks great though! I can't wait to see the new carpet! So when can we have a spa night again...I am ready!

Caleen said...

You have been a busy girl! You have talents and know how to use them.. I don't have as much energy as I use to but, I enjoy watching you grow and your lovely family. I can't believe all the great things Brett has done and completed. Does he have a list "1000 things to do before I die?" He is a real adventurer. I bet he'll end up with the "Scout" calling! ha! Cute family!

Tavah and Brandon said...

Yes ummm can I rent you for a week! Man my house would be all decked out looking AMAZING after all your talents got to work on it! Painting,sewing,cleaning...you really are superwomen!

on the rivet with J~D Liddell said...

Kirst you're my hero! Meet us at Brighton for a ski day. Kids ski cheap! P.S. I updated my blog with 2007!

Stephanie said...

where are you guys? Get some new pictures eh. love ya and see you in a week or so :)

Greg said...

Wow Kirstin is so amazing! She is so talented! She is smart, creative, beautiful, intuitive, sensitive, ... is that enough? Do you need more? You are so amazingly talented. There is nothing you can't do. I bet you could walk on water if you wanted to. Kirstin when I grow up I want to be just like you!

Love ya hope this made you feel good about yourself. I don't want you thinking for a minute that you are not just the most amazing person on the earth. Have I mentioned you are amazing?

Now that I got that all out...when I get home I have a few things I need you to do for me.