October 25, 2008

Life's moments!

Another hike completed by Brett and Chris Taylor... They don't just choose little hikes, but difficult, steep and high hikes! Isn't it beautiful from the top though!
Heres Brett's absolutely crazy friend Chris at the top of Box Elder Peak in American Fork Canyon. It took about 3 or so hours of MACHO hiking to get there. Way worth it! Made it to the TOP - Oh, what a feeling!! Can't you see Brett's excitement! Cambria... she's so happy lately!  She absoultely loves feeding her little 'sister', Zaida the kitty cat. This was the first time she fed her all by herself!!  "So fun mom!" Another love of Cambria's is her little doggy she got for her 4 year old Birthday, Rigby. He is now 3.7 lbs and gonna stay little... Whew!! She loved falling asleep with him and I don't think he minded at all! I believe he's thinking "I could get use to this bed thing!" So, to summarize these two pictures: Our daughter finally has what she wanted and is very HAPPY! A little doggy of her own and her very own 'sister' - even if it had to be a kitty!


Amy said...

That is the cutest pic of Cambria with Rigby and her "sister!" I love that she loves them. Very cute