October 25, 2008

Saturday Fun!!

Everyone knows HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 opened on Friday! We bought tickets online and saw it today.. the earliest we could get GOOD seats. I wasn't going to sit on the front row just to see it on Friday. So, it was a BIG HIT and they all LOVED IT! We'd even go see it again very soon! My kids have loved both Musical 1 & 2 and know ALL the songs!! On the way out, Colten wanted me to buy the music CD to this one....we did of course and I know they'll have all the songs memorized by Monday! It was a great MOVIE!
Cambria and I enjoyed lots of time in the hot tub this morning after Colten's basketball game and  even jumped on the trampoline too! It was nice to have a very WARM and SUNNY day again!
Here is a shot at Colten's Basketball game today. He is loving playing basketball and having his dad as the coach! He played a great defensive game with many steals, had many assists and made 3 great shots in a row in one quarter!
Here he is after one of his shots went up...... A little note for memory's sake. At his last game (which I sadly missed), he made 20 points. Brett said that he was awesome and has many talents and abilities that Brett doesn't think he even had at his age. Hopefully, his talent will stick with him for many years! He just watched a home video of Brett playing ball at 15 or so and how cool and good he was! He could dunk so easily and the 3-pointer was always a given! There's gotta be something said about having a dad that could dunk! So, who ever said "white boys can't jump?" And both of the boys thought he was so awesome & amazing and now want to do what their own dad could do! I can't wait for that day!!
Thanks Nancy for your every so popular cookie recipe... they are so so yummy!!


Stephanie said...

That is awesome about Colten, what a stud and I hope that he loves and goes far. I remember being there for all of Brett's silly videos and I think that I videoed a few myself, fun times.

Amy said...

Looks like you guys had a great and eventful day! Did you end up going to Joanns? You look too busy to have fit it in. Good job Colten, very cool.

Jay, Holly, Talen said...

Did you know that the kid at the end of High School Musical 3 is from Visalia. His name is Stan and he won the HSM3 music video contest. I danced with his sister Estee for like 10 years. He is a big celebrity here now:) They are such a great family.