October 3, 2008


Cambria's picnic lunch for the park!
All set to ride.. backpack, lunch and all!
On our way.. she's a cute little rider and likes to go fast!
She insisted on carrying her own lunch and backpack to the park while riding.. so cute and such a big girl!
We made it all the way to the park.. now, where's our friends?
Oh, there they are.. Cambria, Anna, Jenny, Taelyn & Sienna  Let's Eat!
Kids can make the silliest faces!
What cute kids... Tae, Anna, Cami, Dallin & Mya all playing at our new park!
Faisal just taking after his daddy.. he found these hats and knew just what to do with them!
Anna, Cambria's big-girl friend (she's 5), and her playing dolls and house! Just what every little girl loves to do!


Amy said...

We had so much fun with you guys! Thanks so much for having us tag along! Love that Cambria knows how to ride her bike, what a big girl!