October 20, 2008

WARMTH = St. George, Utah!

So, here we all are on our way to St. George to get a few days of WARM weather! Is this a car-full or what!
First things First - it's time to get some sunshine and this is how Cambria loved to get it! She could have floated like that all day long! She actually swam most of the time without her floaties and dove underwater to swim without fear!
What a move by Colten and accidentally caught on camera...amazing!
Cambria is tough & here she shows you just how tough! 
We hiked the "NARROWS" again in St. George.. Mom had to go again since Daddy is still too "THICK"!
You really do have to SQUEEZE your way out at the top... Way too much FUN!
A perfect FAMILY shot at the top of the NARROWS... Can you find the mom and dad?
Cute Cambria was the bravest and toughest when it came to climbing.. especially steep slopes! "It's NO BIG DEAL mommy!"
Daddy and kids in a pretty cool sunset...
then, Colten took a picture of us!
Time to hike...Colten, Karsen and Cambria lead the way!
She just loves this pose and does it all the time.... so adorable and sweet!
Kids on top of the Petrified Sand Dunes... it was so BEAUTIFUL and WARM!
COOLING OFF with Orange Peel smoothies at the city town square in St. George!
Time to really cool off before the ride home..
Wet, Happy, and ready for the ride back home to Rigby and Dash. Cambria is always so worried about her doggies while we are away. Good thing we have an awesome doggy-sitter as a neighbor!


Caleen said...

Looks like you had a fun time. I have never been there.. I don't think my back side would fit.. HA!! You are a cute bunch. So Fun! I bet it is fun
to go there to get out of the cold!

Stephanie said...

What a great trip, I love all the pictures, especially the sunset ones. I am amazed at how grown up Cam is looking, how great! We are so happy that we will see you again soon :)

lvs2dance said...

It looks like you had a great weekend! Ana asked for Cambria EVERY DAY! I love the pictures of your shadows with the sunset...those are awesome! I'm glad that you had a fun time

The Great Quiram Adventure said...

Ok...the family pic with you and "DAD" as shadows is great. The one of you and Brett kissing in the sunset...amazing. One of your kids took a great shot. Looks like you had fun.

Amy said...

Hey girlie, looks like so much fun!! I love LOVE LOVE all the pics, especially the ones of you guys and the shadows, very cool. Good eye for a great pic. So we are home now finally too, we'll have to get together.

on the rivet with J~D Liddell said...

When were you in SG? We were just there last weekend! Met my dad there on his way home to do the Tour de St George Century. He was awesome! His first event (70 loop[) with his longest ride only being 18 miles! I think he was drooling as we passed a couple golf courses though.