October 20, 2008

We have a little sister for Cambria!!

If you really keep up with the Spencer Family and have talked to us lately, (in the past year), you would know that our little girl - Cambria - has been asking daily for a little sister! She doesn't know why she can't have one and tells her brothers constantly how lucky they are to have a brother and a sister! Then, automatically every time, she starts crying so hard! It's been a difficult thing for her and hard for us since we are definitely, without a question or doubt, DONE having kids. We are happy.. and are trying to convince Cambria of that too! We have used every line we can think of - From 'You are so lucky to be the only girl because you can have everything you want' .. to .. 'If you had a sister, you would have to share your room.'  The problem is that she wouldn't mind! She has made comments as to who should be her sister. She likes Anna Meek for a sister.. Hailee (her cousin)and a little girl who wouldn't leave her side while playing in the water at the St. George Park. We asked her if it was okay to take her home to be her sister, but she said "No, because then her real mommy would miss her."

Then, an hour or so down the road home, she said "Daddy, we         should have brought that little girl to be my sister. Can we go back to get her?" Daddy explained that it probably wasn't a good idea and that her family would be sad to see her go! Cambria doesn't ever give up though. Next, it was "You know, you could just go and buy me one!" I can't tell you all of her famous lines she's said to get us to get her a sister, but they are many! So, to make a long story short, we found one! Her Uncle Scott's cat just had kittens and abandoned them. He's been nursing them to health and they are only 3 1/2 weeks old. He told us we could have one... "Do you think once the kids heard that we could say no?" (Thanks Scott) So, we got one and fortunately.... IT IS A GIRL!  HOORAY!! We don't know if the problem is fixed, but for now, Brett and I are off the hook to 
have a little sister for Cambria! WHeW! But, what's to come next? We never know from Cambria, but I can tell you this... She's already asking for another kitty so her little sister has a friend to play with! THINGS KIDS WILL SAY AND DO TO GET WHAT THEY WANT... IT'S AMAZING! We are now equal - 3 kids and 3 animals.... Dash the Cockapoo, Rigby the ChiHuaHua, and Zaida (Colten & Mom's spelling -Brett spells it ZEHTA) the kitty cat - Who knew we'd ever grow to a FAMILY OF EIGHT!!
Pinch me.


Stephanie said...

I would definitely be rethinking your decision to stop having kids if my little girl was that insistent. I know it is a done deal, but still that is crazy. You guys are crazy with the animals too, I am waiting for the hampster, iguana, and tarantula! I know that they will talk you into it!

lvs2dance said...

Hey stranger! Did you seriously get another animal??? You guys are a sucker when it comes to your kids wanting pets! LOL
What next?

Greg said...

You know you can reverse a vasectomy right? A little ice and then a little girl...you could totally do it Brett. What is one more when you have 6? I think you need a pet monkey? What do you say? I will find one and tell Colten about it...next thing you know you will be a family of 9.

Good Luck!

The Great Quiram Adventure said...

You know when your done. All of the children are a blessing but you know when you know. My 3 boys constantly ask for a sister. Poor Tristin being the oldest always says he lost his sister before he could really know her. The other 2 just constantly ask for another one. I can sort of feel your pain.

Amy said...

Ok, even though I do not like CATS really at all, I have to say that she is adorable! Love the blue eyes. So I'm thinking the next thing is a lizard or frog or something, what do you think? I'm back so let's get together okay.