November 3, 2008

Batman, Recon Commando & Snow White = Halloween Costumes 2008

Okay, so I am gonna brag and say that Cambria outdid all costumes and Halloween Trick-or-treaters of the night!! Just take a close look at this girl - we are so lucky!! She was the cutest and best red-headed Snow White ever -- (I couldn't get myself to spray her gorgeous strawberry blonde hair BLACK = too risky!!) What a beautiful girl!! She was so excited for this night and ate up every second. She knew she ROCKED!! 
Snow White hiding from the Big Bad Wolf!
Just too darn cute!!
All ready to Trick-or-Treat-- she got so many compliments on her costume thanks to her G'ma Sue! She even got to choose her own treat at many homes because they said - "SHe is the BEST Snow WHite of the NIGht!"
SNow White's photo shoot --
She's got some pretty cute smiles!
Her entire costume.... so perfect and beautiful!!
Thanks again mom & good luck tomorrow - She's running for city council.
Snow White with Batman and Recon Commando!
Karsen doesn't like wearing masks, hats or paint on his face (although there is a little leftover from his day at school). So, he basically looked like this when he trick-or-treated!
When he should have looked like this...
Luckily, he let me take one shot of him fully assembled -- it was almost torcherous for him!!
You think he could have trick-or-treated with his half-mask... no way!!
Brothers ready to party Halloween NIght!
Colten wanted to be so many things this Halloween, he couldn't make up his mind.... so, he ended up with the Dark Knight Batman costume! He really did end up being a great Dark Knight Batman - his body build is perfect for it!
the Dark Knight Batman
Colten couldn't wear his face mask to school (rules), so we drew a Batman symbol on him - it turned out awesome! He loved it!
The best studly BATMAN of the NIGHT!!
SO, in all efforts to have cool and fun costumes, (which I dread finding every year) - we ended up happy and can't wait to see what they decide to be next year! Every year, the boys only want to be NINJAS - it always starts out that way and then I make them keep thinking... luckily, it all turns out GREAT in the end!


Stephanie said...

The costumes were awesome! They all looked great :) I must say, that is the cutest Snow White I saw all Halloween too. Cheers

lvs2dance said...

What great costumes! They look awesome! And those pumkins are the coolest ever! Did you have a pattern for them or did you draw those by hand???? WOW!

BeckyIrwin said...

wow, your little girl looks just like you. She is so cute!!We need to get together. I know I can't believe we live this close and we never see each other.We need to change that. Your mom is awsome to make the costumes!! Tell good luck with City Councel!