November 3, 2008


It's Halloween pumpkin carving fun and the Spencer's won't let you down! We love carving cool pumpkins and making it challenging. The kids help pick out the carving they want - then say "Mom... do this please!" (Dad's kind of good.. but mom's better at the kid ones). They are so excited when it is done!! Here are the boys' pumpkins. Karsen's, Brett's & Colten's!
the Spencer Family pumpkins 2008 - We rock!
Mom's = Witch Marilyn Monroe, Cambria's Dwarf 'Dopey', Dad's rock'n'roll Elvis skeleton , Colten's Batman & Karsen's Pac-man GAMER
It's Trick or Treat time for Snow White, Batman and Recon Commando!
I just love Batman's stance here!
Trick-or-treating start time: 6pm! Don't they look great!!
We're off for a long night of Trick-or Treating for all the candy we can eat!
Cambria and our cute neighbor, Emily! She takes care of our dogs when we are gone, so Cambria really, really likes her!
Trick or Treating in the rain.. it didn't stop Snow White!
Our neighbors had some great Halloween decor.. this house kind of scared Cambria.. plus there were two awesomely dressed witches handing out candy!
The window silhouettes were great this year too! Maybe next year I can have a little more fun with Halloween.. it's not my favorite holiday!
Batman met up with Bat-woman! This little girl wasn't at all shy to take a picture with Batman. Batman (Colten) on the other hand, had to be physically moved closer!
Beautiful Snow White's bag full of candy was so heavy, she didn't carry it after this picture!
Time to go home....8:15pm
Our front porch.. we did carve the best pumpkins on the street - Yea for us!!
The time has come, the time is now.. Dump out the candy and start getting cavities now!