November 12, 2008

Brothers ride in Moab, Utah

Here's Brett with his brand-spanking new "dirty" mountain bike!  I thought having a new "clean & shiny" bike was cool - but he informed me quite frankly that "the dirtier it is, the better!"
Here is his brother, Chadro (as we call him), in Moab, Utah. They camped overnight and I guess it was "freezing cold!"
Chad & Brett conquered the day...(until the ride down).. it always happens the last ride of the day. Chad wasn't exactly being the big brother I needed him to be and let Brett take a huge fall.. he's still injured and trying to 'milk it' for all its worth. Next time, I'll have to send both big brothers to take care of Brett!
This was Brett before the "head over the bike" fall he took which completely tore up his right arm. He was riding down some steep rocky (2 ft) stairs as he explained to me. Anyway, he's a mess.. and to think he joined a very competitive basketball league which starts next week. Looks like we have some re-cooperating to do! He's just not as young and fit as he use to be, but we are both working on that!!