November 6, 2008

A "While You Were Out" design! by me of course

So, while Brett was working in St. George, I was at home doing this! He had asked me for months not to touch his office (which I didn't), but I could handle it 'no more'! It was boring and out of control! I just have to say that "he asked for it" due to his inevitable procrastination!
He knew I was up to something, because of my giddiness on the phone calls, and wished that I wasn't doing exactly what he thought I was... Did you think I would actually listen with him being miles away?? I love how it turned out! I hope he does too!
I just had to add a few of my touches which probably won't be around for long!
He only didn't like 2 things I did... 1. The ribbon key to my heart (Cheesy, I know, but I thought it would help him keep it there) which he won't and 2. fake books to hide things in. (He only likes real books displayed) Overall, not too shabby of a job. Oh - I have to use different fabric for the curtains.... he didn't like them because they matched too good!
So, when he got home, this was revealed (as I was sweating bullets) and a HUGE SMILE came across his face!  He was happy and said 'he could live with it." I am sure there will be changes and additions; so before he ruins the room - I took these pictures to remember what it was like before he took over! Be nice to it honey!.. please.
And last but not least - this happens EVERY TIME Brett is gone..!!!!!
Welcome winter and the skiing season.. The kids asked me if we could go skiing when the storm came & were very disappointed when I said we needed a few more storms this big before it is time to ski! Keep 'em coming!


Amy said...

Ok, I am officially the worst friend on the planet! I swear I had the best intentions to come over today, but with my meeting, grocery shopping, packing, laundry, dinner, and trying to spend time with the kids, here I am at 10:40 finally to myself. I am so so so so soooooo sorry, but WOW, it is amazing. I love the colors, and I LOVE the pics you put up. You have once again outdone yourself, you seriously need to be an interior designer. I promise I will come by when I get home, and maybe we can just freaking hang out, man why is life so busy?????

Caleen said...

WOW!! Looks great. you did an amazing job on Brett's office.. I am sure he was happy and just loved it.. Sometimes they just want to be sly about it and not admit they do.. The kids looked so great for Halloween. I bet Cambria won over a lot of hearts on Halloween.. I would have given her the whole bowl of candy.. What a cutie! The boys are studs too... You definitely have a busy life, lots of activities and a lot of fun.. good for you!!!

lvs2dance said... love love it! I want to do my bedroom in those exact colors. Maybe you can come over and give me some suggestions???? hint hint :-)

The Great Quiram Adventure said...

I really like the colors and the photos. I'm with Brett on the key...but I get what you were going for. I think you did what you thought he would like. I love the snow. So calming.

Grandma Sue said...

Can't wait til Thanksgiving!!!My house could use a little of your touch!!!! That office looks totally different. Very relaxing colors and great idea with the pics. I am sure Brett just likes sitting and remembering all the great adventures~!! Save some ideas for me. LOve the Halloween pics. At lease Cami's dress was just the right length. Boys looked awesome. I need to come there next year for Halloween!!!!