November 19, 2008

Family Nite Surprise!!

Our little girl is growing up! Today, Cami just looked too cute for preschool, so we snapped a quick picture. It's amazing how fast she's grown up and maybe it's because she is our youngest and final. If we could just slow her growing up down a little, it wouldn't be so bad - but she stretches every morning in her bed just to make us more mad!! She thinks its just so so silly!
For Family Nite last Monday, we surprised the kids and took them to Color Me Mine and each decorated our very own HOT Chocolate Mugs.  Our family loves to drink hot chocolate & cider all winter long and maybe even a little longer!! Now, drinking hot chocolate & cider together is even more fun!! This was a great activity and it really means a lot to them now. They show everyone who comes over!! The boys of course had to had BYU blue colors and the girls wanted  pretty girly flower ones!
Our Mugs have  a home where everyone can all see them and our family's most favorite hot chocolate in the world is STEPHEN'S MINT TRUFFLE with added marshmallos! A tradition I guess in our home... it's a sad morning (or afternoon or evening) if the kids haven't had their hot chocolate for the day! Mmmm WARM!! It's even better after a long, cold, snowy ski day which we are dying for!!