November 19, 2008

Gas Prices - what a difference!!

I just filled our van up the other day and was not sure the meter was working right.
Here is the proof !! I just had to document this...
3 months ago 
August 1, 2008... 14.96 gallons  $4.12/gallon = $61.81 to fill up
2 days ago 
November 17,2008... 16.27 gallons  $1.63/gallon = $26.67 to fill up
If gasoline stays at this price, I can actually afford to drive my van wherever we need to go!
I like that feeling!! I can now fill up all month long for the price of just 1 fill up a few months ago.. What a relief!


Amy said...

Okay, first of all where did you find gas at $1.67, I haven't seen it that low. And I'm with you, I filled mine up and was so thrilled that it was half what I'm use too. Let's hope it stays this way for awhile huh?

Love all your pics. The Disney on Ice looks like so much fun, Cambria looks truly like a princess. And love the hot chocolate mugs, very fun.