December 22, 2008

Kids love to ParTy!!

We have really been trying show our kids how important reading is... so, for fun, Brett has been reading the Harry Potter books to the kids every night. They just finished Book Two: Chamber of Secrets! After they finish a book, they get a "party night" with fun, food, and of course the movie! This was their night of fun..... it was great!! and oh so yummy!!
Bet you wish you could have been here too!!
Our little musical diva and singer, Cambria! She loves to sing and now plays the guitar while she sings... (I'm trying to post a video..hopefully it works soon)
Our 2008 oh so tall... Christmas Tree!
Christmas, Christmas time is here! The kids are revved up and ready for a great delivery by Santa Claus.. I just hope he can pull through this year! The kids lists last year were 5-6 things, but this year's were very long - Colten's especially! Does he have it figured out?? We don't think so , but what 7 year old asks for an iPhone for Christmas, 5 Wii and PS3 games, ski stuff, Webkins,.. the list goes on and on?