January 18, 2009

Cambria's new "thing".. MODELING!

Cambria has loved taking pictures lately and trying her different poses in front of the camera.
I teased her about being a model and she asked me what they do. When I explained it to her, her eyes lighted up so big and she started to squeal and say "I want to do that".. "Can I go model today?" Since that moment.. she has been teasing her daddy about it and asks everyday if I  have called someone so she could dress up and model for them.  
I don't know what to do!!
I think she'd be great and have a lot of fun, but I am not traveling to L.A. just to get her started!
What a poser! She doesn't even need coaching.
And 'what a cutie' I must say! She has the best of Brett and I combined!
Well.. the only thing of daddy's she might have are her BIG eyes & definitely some height!
So darn pretty.. I can be her biggest fan!


lvs2dance said...

so cute! I love them.