January 18, 2009

Kids say the darndest things!

Last night as we were eating a delicious soft chicken taco dinner with salad, fruit and corn, (after daddy made it home safely from snowshoeing with his bestest friend in the world -- P.S. thanks for the ice cream!) CAMBRIA says (while stuffing her face with salad): "You know what I miss that we haven't had in a long time.. BROCCOLI !" (And that's not a typo folks) She continues saying: "BROCCOLI .. I just love that stuff. I've been dying to have it!" KARSEN'S paying close attention to her and says: "I'm not dying to have it. I eat it everyday at school!" COLTEN replys: "Not everyday.. I see you and you don't have it everyday - only on the days they have it!"  KARSEN says (while rubbing his tummy and licking his lips) "Yep.. it's so yummy!" CAMBRIA: "Yeah mom.. when can we have Broccoli again?"   Again, this is going on while they are all eating SALAD and CORN and SALSA.  So, I guess it's nice to know they miss Broccoli (we just ate it all last week) and even better that Karsen & Colten eat it at school. I bet they are some of the few kids who even touch it at school.

So, again today - a sillier conversation. BRETT asks Colten "When are you ever going to lose that tooth? It's been loose for at least a month! Get it out!"  COLTEN says "I'm trying dad.  I want to lose it at school so I get one of those cool tooth things." CAMBRIA pops in as usual and says with her girly attitude: "HELLO DAD! (with a lot of voice inflections)  It's his tooth!" BRETT was very speechless and paused for a minute.. "What can I say to that!" he replys while looking at me & trying not to laugh!


Amy said...

Yes, I have to say you are very lucky that your kids will eat good like that. Maybe they can teach the Murphy kids a thing or two, man what I would give for my kids to like Broccli, sheesh.

Missed you at church you little sluffers. Hee Hee

lvs2dance said...

That is so funny...Cambria really is years older than her age! What a hoot!