January 20, 2009

Funny Stories....

Yesterday, I decided to take the kids to Classic Skating since it was Family Night & Brett's in St. George. (He's not the biggest fan of roller rinks) I don't know about your kids, but when all mine get in the car on short drives, they argue about the littlest things - like the "real" names of places, and "how to say things the right way"etc. Anyways, Cambria & Karsen were going at it so I said to them; "Aren't you guys just glad we are getting out of the _____( big pause.. I think something on the road caught my attention). So, Cambria says "house.  Sometimes Mom forgets her words so I have to say them for her." It was pretty funny and she was very serious about me forgetting my words. I really don't think I do that a lot.

This morning, Cambria was mad at me for not letting her eat CHEETOS for breakfast. (I had put them in the boys lunch so she thought she needed some) With a mad look on her face and her eyes glaring at me, she says "If you & dad go to St. George next time, we could babysit ourselves and make our own choices!"  "Oh really!" I reply. "What would you eat for breakfast if I wasn't here?"  "Lucky Charms!" she says. "What would you eat for lunch?"  ""We don't know how to make lunch." "What would you eat for dinner?"  "We don't know how to make dinner."  "So.. you would be pretty hungry if I wasn't here?"  "NO, we would just eat breakfast until you get back!  That would make us happy!"  So there you have it.. I'm off the hook for cooking for a week at least. I wonder how long they would eat cereal for anyways??? Hmmm


Amy said...

Honestly Cambria is the best, she says the greatest things. Like I told you today, she's way to mature for her age, you've got your hands full with her you know. We sure think she's great though.

lvs2dance said...

I agree...eat cereal for every meal! Our lives would be sooooo much easier! LOL
It was a blast to go out with you guys yesterday! I am so glad that you came!
I think that it is time for another hot tub night!