January 9, 2009

Girls are so much fun!

So, Cambria was found again in her room playing with make-up & practicing striking poses! I don't know where she gets this because I definitely do not do this in my room! She asked me to come and take her pictures so she could see them. These were some of her favorites!
Smiles.. we like smiles from her!
Sassy.. she's growing up too fast!
"Mom, let me blow you a kiss so I can see my red lipstick good.. okay."


tina said...

cute...and yeah right Kirsten...we know where she gets it...we've seen you making kissy faces in the mirrors at church..wink wink

Amy said...

She is the cutest ever!

lvs2dance said...

Ya, whatever Kirst...you know you practice doing kissy faces all the time in your bedroom! LOL

lvs2dance said...

haha, I just read Tina's comments! It must be true if TWO people are saying it!!!