January 12, 2009

What our family absolutely LOVES!!

A nice ski day @ Sundance! Don't worry, we only missed a few hours of school! It's so so so worth it!! So, here's Colten & Cambria getting ready for the first ride of the day!
Daddy Brett, Fearless Cambria and Hot Rod Karsen on the lift!
Lightning Colten &  Snowboardin' mom on the lift!
These kids are so fast and we are having the most awesome ski season ever!
Don't you just love Cambria's pose - she says we have to buy her poles now too!!
Daddy's idea... I always feel silly doing these poses....but we rock on the slopes!!
Colten.. "hold on tight!"
Karsen...it's always 'snack time' on the lift! But you have to ride up with daddy to get them! He always hogs all the treats!!! (NO wonder they don't ride up with me..)
Cambria.. our dare-devil! Just wait until you see her fly!
Mommy's snowboarding.. this is my first year and I'm having a blast! (except for today.. it was a little too icy to have any fun and the landings (falls) are so much harder!) Like my pants though?  I'll give you a tip - if you bring your husbands pants instead of your own skiing.. you may just have to go and buy a new pair!
A lot of what we did today.. skied through trees!! The kids think it's great... I remember those days!
Cambria on the mountain!
The boys are buddies on and off the mountain! "Let's GO!!.. fast this time!"
Karsen hot-dogging it down the hill... I just wish you could see better how steep it really is... and he flies to the top so fast before jumping off!!
Colten jumping out of the trees!! It's so much fun to see their progress. They have no fear and are wanting to do tricks and go fast!


Krissy said...

Looks like so much fun! Brandon & I don't ski, so our kids haven't learned to ski.

Amy said...

I love that you guys love this. What a fun little family sport to be involved with. Okay so next time we want video, I can't wait to see you boardin. Next year will have to get the boys together, Tay will be boarding, he just needs to get a little better. Love all the pics, you guys look awesome.