February 20, 2009

A Girls Day of Snowboarding/Skiing!

Amy Cook, a friend of mine, and I went to Sundance on Wednesday! What a day!  It was so much fun hanging with a friend who rocked at skiing and not having to worry about kids! (Just for ONCE!)
A picture after our full day of FUN and tearing up the mountain. I tell you - I took some chances on the snowboard I haven't taken yet! She had me snowboarding the back mountain all day and what a blast!  The moguls tore me up.. thump, thump, thump. smoooooth.... thump! I had some crazy falls, but worth it! Thanks so much!!
Amy on the top of Sundance Ski resort! We did have a few moments of windy sleet.. but the POWDER was awesome!
 Amy Cook booking it down the back mountain! Swish... swish.. she's got the moves!
(I know... cheesey wording - what else can I say?)


lvs2dance said...

How fun! Maybe next year I can be a snow bunny with ya!!!

pilatesmommy said...

No.... thankyou for the great day! It was a blast!