February 23, 2009


Amy Cook and I ready to heat it up! Bye Bye hubby's and kids -- we're off to ROCK OUT!
What a night! I bought CELINE DION tickets 10:00am Nov. 2007 and the World Tour Concert finally came after one reschedule! What a night! There's nothing more amazing to me than an outrageously-gifted singer who can rock! I've listened to Celine Dion from her 1st hits! NO matter what you think - this girl can sing - what a voice!! It's even more "HOT" in concert! There are not many words to describe the emotions I had being there! What an AMAZING SINGER and PERFORMER! I'd travel anywhere to see her perform AGAIN and AGAIN! Music is the best thing to keep life fun! What an awesomely, terrific, amazing, out-of-this-world night! I 'm so sad it's already over!! Who's coming next? Anyone up for Taylor Swift?
 I'd have so many photos and videos of the concert... but they were not allowed in - except for those who did not follow the rules on their ticket stubs! Maybe I'll find some friends or relatives who took some shots. It would be worth it!!


Amy said...

Was that last night?? How fun for you guys! I thought that Brett was going with you! I'm sure you guys had a blast. Love the girl time huh? When we getting together to play games?

Dancin Queen said...

So fun! I saw her in Vegas and loved it!

lvs2dance said...

I forgot that it was rescheduled. So Brett pooped out on it huh? LOL
Did you end up selling the other tickets that you had?
Amy is a riot, I'm sure that the two of you had a blast!

pilatesmommy said...

K so I think I should not wear that shirt ever again.....I had no idea that it made me look like a blimp. Oh so sad nobody told me. And to think I went to the Celine Dion concert in that. Are you glad your busy week is over...or sad?