February 2, 2009

Snowshoe Adventure up Dry Creek!

the DRY CREEK DOMINATION snowshoe challenge... 
Competitors: Brett and Chris
You just gotta enjoy the view.. I think I'm going next time - that's just remarkably beautiful!
A few challenges to cross, but no problem for these two! They love to snowshoe "on the edge"!
Brett assures me this was a safe move and that there was no other way around!
Hard to BELIEVE boys!
Brett enjoying his hike with Chris.. a good break from the inversion down below!
Chris having a "water -fun"! Is that really necessary?? Just one slip and BRRRRR - it would be so cold!
Chris crossing again.. now I have to believe they are just showing off for pictures!
But it does look adventurous and fun!
And just how do I get him to fold clothes after a big day on the mountain? Hand him his Ipod, a pair of goggles, shut the bedroom door & turn him loose!... (He's gonna kill me when he sees this!) But, you should hear him rock out! Now I know where Colten gets it from!!