February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Family Football Party!

Colten having Dad serve him up some Pita Pizza - yummy!
Cambria helped me make everything for our little family party! Pita pizzas, chips & guacamole (we fight over this), fresh orange and apple slices, cinnamon bears and chocolate chip cookies. We had a fun time and what a game! We hoped the Cardinals would have pulled through, but they made it a terrific Super Bowl Game!
And for those complaining that I don't have the boys on the blog enough - here they are! Doing what they do best! Now, it's always PS2 games, Wii games, PS3 games, and even computer games lately. I truly believe that their lives are just one big game. And why not? They're just kids!! Right?
Well, we are off to the slopes again today. No school! Maybe I'll get a few more good shots and video of our downhill racing skiers! See you soon!


Amy said...

Love all the updates Kirst! The snowshoeing is AMAZING, where did they go? Very cool. Love all the pets sitting together, it's priceless. Hey thanks for the call yesterday, I'll be okay, just pretty hard right now. Thanks for thinking of me. Love ya

Stephanie said...

Man I really put my foot in my mouth, I love your blog and know that you have way cute boys! Don't hate me! We had a small party too for the Super bowl, your food looks delicious :)

Caleen said...

Looks like you guys are enjoying all that white stuff.. (snow).. love the pictures of Brett snowshoeing.. How fun! Great pictures.. Those boys are extremely talented and fun to see them in action.. of course, Cambria rocks! Girl's rule.. ;) Glad all is well in your neck of the woods.. Show your Scrapbooks sometime! How's that beautiful room working out for ya? bye..