March 5, 2009

Cambria silly stories!

So, this week Cambria has said some pretty funny things as usual and I thought I'd write them down. Yesterday afternoon, I finished up her Kindergarten paperwork and told her it was time to take it to the school and officially sign her up for Kindergarten. She was holding Zaida (our cat) in the kitchen, looked at her and said: "It's okay. I'll miss you too when I am at school. Just like I miss my brothers right now!" I thought that was so sweet. I didn't realize she missed them so much. I guess they are pretty entertaining!
Then, last night while we were all out in the spa as a family, the kids were running back and forth from the trampoline to the spa doing as many tricks as they could show off to us! Colten was doing his front and back flips, Cambria was doing her seat drops and knee flips, and Karsen was landing front flips on his feet. Colten had gone inside and it was just Karsen and Cami. She was in the spa with us as we were watching all of Karsen's feet-landing front flips. This was a new accomplishment for him! She turned to us and said: "Mom & Dad.. you know why Karsen is my HERO? Because he can do front flips and even land on his feet now! I'm going to give him a million dollars because he learned that! We interrupted and said... "a million dollars?" She then replied.. "okay, all the money in my bank! And I'm going to give him a BIG HUG because that's what sisters do!" SO, Karsen finally ran back over to the spa and we told him what Cambria had said about him. He was embarrassed (about the HERO part), but happy because he had the biggest smile on his face and said: "I don't like to hear that.. Ugggghhh (while smiling)...."  To say the least, he was happy, embarrassed and I'm sure he is glad to have a sister who thinks he's her HERO!
 Finally, last night while saying prayers before bed, Cambria  "blessed that Dash gets bones for Christmas, Rigby gets TINY bones for Christmas and also that Zaida sleeps GOOD!" All in all.. I think she had a pretty good day!


lvs2dance said...

she is seriously years older than she is (did that make any sense?) LOL
Cambria just makes me laugh!