March 5, 2009

Colten's Baptism Day Feb 28, 2009

Colten.. 8 years old and so very handsome! What a good-looking young man!
SO, we were shopping for what outfit to where on the special day and I thought this one would be great - obviously I didn't win!
Shoes = size 4 and Jacket = size 10 (for the record)
Colten's reaction after I took about 15 pics... "I've had it mom and if you take any more, this is what I'm going to look like!" I did get a good shot of his 8-year old mouth!
Mom & Dad with Colten on his special day.. we are so proud of him!
Family who came to support Colten.. We had a terrific time and he was glad for everyone who came. Thanks G'pa Bill for coming at the last moment! You'll never know how special that was for us to have you there! (My grandpa, Colten's Great-grandpa, drove the last minute from California just for him)
The Meek Family and us with Colten on his special day!
Kirstin's Family....  My Parents and Grand-parents
2 out of the 3 most handsome men in the world (Karsen's nowhere to be found)
Colten and his daddy!
OUr family on Colten's Day! NOTICE Karsen - he changed out of his nice attire as soon as he got home.. there goes a perfect family photo for the day! Although, we were not surprised!
Colten's Uncle Chad and cousin Mason. Of course - it's Brett's OLDER brother!
Brett's family.....
Colten's Grandparents and Great Grandpa Bill
Colten's first set of scriptures. He's so excited and has read every night! He is the greatest boy in the world!! He's gonna keep us strong!
Colten's friend Josh brought him over a fun treat for his day - thanks!
Just enjoying yummy food and good conversations!


lvs2dance said...

So happy that we could be there to celebrate such a great event! We are so proud of Colten and his choice to baptized and even more proud that he has taken to reading the scriptures...clearly he is being taught be his great parents! You guys are such great friends to our family and we feel so honored that you wanted us to be there. LIke I said before, you have great extended family! We really enjoyed visiting with all of them, they are such great people! love you guys!