March 5, 2009

Colten's BIGGEST Basketball GAME!

Colten and a few friends played in a 3rd grade Basketball League this year as 2nd graders. It was an interesting experience and he will be very ready for next year! He played his heart out and stayed up with many of the 3rd graders - we couldn't have asked him to do more!
Colten with his grandparents and great-grandparents visiting from California for the weekend! They are ready to see him play BALL!  
Coach Daddy Brett and Coach Chris giving the team POINTERS... let's do it!
Colten taking a shot... one of so so many he did that day! It was definitely his BEST game ever. Brett and I were so excited for him & asked him why he played so hard - " I had to show off for G'ma and Papa he told us! And the other team isn't as hard as the last one!" He made at least 10 buckets!
Papa Kirk and Colten watching the game.. "just play like Kobe" Papa says. (He's a big LAKERS FAN)
Colten played just like an NBA star today - WAY TO GO! He couldn't wipe that smile off his face all day! He was absolutely amazing and we aren't exaggerating!


lvs2dance said...

How cool to have so much family cheering you on...I am not suprised that he had a huge grin on his face! Way to go Colten!

G'ma Sue and Papa said...

Colten definitely was fired up for this game. He really took the ball to the hoop. Look forward to a lot more games from all the kids.