March 22, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Spring Skiing!

Cambria riding on the lift.. we had a great day together = just the two of us!
Mom & Cambria at the top of Sundance! Realize that Cambria has to ski down from here too! There are not many kids who ski the back half due to the difficulty!
Cambria = the hottest little skier you'll ever see!
Hopefully one day she can say that she has skied Around the World!
A beautiful, sunshiny day skiing at Sundance, Utah.
The main lift and ski area where our kids first learned to ski! It's crazy to think that they never learned on a bunny hill or rope tow!


Amy said...

You have some really GREAT pictures, I LOVE all your hiking ones, how fun for you all! Love the updates!

lvs2dance said...

crazy girls! pretty cool that she is such a great skier!