March 22, 2009

A Sunday afternoon HIke! March 15

Cambria, such a cutie! She's all geared up and ready for a big hiking day with the family!
Let's get started! and YES, we even brought Dash & Rigby along too!
Karsen found us some pretection. When Brett has ran this trail, he has found Cougar tracks! YIKES!
Mom and kids just getting started hiking up Grovecreek Canyon = near our house. It's going to be very warm and Brett's gonna push us every step of the way! He runs this trail with a few friends and wanted to show us his accomplishment!
The views are incredible.. our house is to the right, around the corner!
Amazing.. South Utah Valley.
North Utah Valley
Eastern.. the mountains are remarkable!
Brett & Kids showing off how far they have hiked! ANd believe it or not, this is as wide as the trail gets!
Dad and kids still on the trail.. we kept going and going and going! Karsen is making me a little nervous just looking at him! It is straight down.. if you fall!
Snack Break! For our first hike of the year, we are doing pretty good!
A mountain slide of rocks to climb = FUN! Brett was nervous to let the kids go to the top because each step they took, rocks came tumbling down. The trick was to never be below anyone!
Guess what dad?  We made it!! The boys were determined to go all the way to the TOP! I can't explain just how steep it was!!
Maybe this will show you a little.. Cambria and I are at the very bottom.
We had to cross this little waterfall.. the water was So COLD!
We made it to the destination! We went about 1.7 miles which = 3.4 miles round trip!
Cambria holding on tight to Dad because the drop off was very far down - kind of scary!
The wind also picked up and it was COLD...
At the TOP!! Yea! We made it. Brett was very proud of us!
So, Rigby made it all the way to the top - but we decided he needed a little help down just to make sure he made it alive! This is what we came up with = FUNNY!
What a hiker.. Cambria never complained!
Our little HIKERS!
Playing near the stream.. creek.. river.. what's the difference?
Brett getting some air! 
Colten's turn!


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Looks like FUN! Was that Paris Hilton with the dog?