March 20, 2009

A Spencer update!

We are here... just having a difficult time finding time to post and let you know what we've been up to lately. We've been busy - or I guess you can say just having a lot of fun. It's all been skiing and snowboarding this winter and it's not over yet. We are trying to get every ounce of the mountain in us until we're kicked off! Last week, we went twice and this week thrice (3 times)! Well, at least I did. Brett thinks he got the raw end of the season pass deal. All I can say is that I definitely used mine and it was so worth it!! I took up snowboarding this year as most of you have seen and it has been the greatest thing for me. It's what has motivated me to be on the mountain so often - It's so much fun! I picked it up quickly and have had the most insane awesome time! Colten, our 8 yr old, snowboarded yesterday for the first time and took after his momma! He got it - and FAST!! Now is probably a good time to give credit to his amazing coach = his DAD! His second time down the run, he was swishing and turning on both sides -which happens to be the most difficult part. He now thinks he is a snow-boarding fool and doesn't want to ski anymore. He told me - " Snowboarding is more Fun! (I agreed with that part)...and I want to be a cool snowboarder like my dad! Dad snowboards, he doesn't ski!" I didn't know what to say to that part though -other than I am glad he likes to and can do both. Karsen and Cambria also skied faster and faster down the mountain yesterday -  their speed is incredible! After our big day was over (4:45 - we got on for the very last run of the day since they close at 4:30), a man working the Sundance vehicle stopped by us and said.. "Not only do I have the most handsome boy (Karsen), but that the little girl of mine was to die for." They were both dressed in their ski gear, but she is the most adorable thing on the mountain!  Colten & Brett were turning in his snowboard at the time...It is funny though - we have been stopped so that people could just take Cambria's picture on the ski slopes. Maybe I need to start charging? Anyway, it's nice to hear things like that every now and then. It always makes you feel good! Cambria just smiled and gave the man a cute little silly face and said "I know!" She was a little embarrassed. Karsen gave him a nod of his head.
SO, I just got back from picking Cambria up from Pre-School and on the way home, I saw a dead squirrel in the road. I told Cambria it got ran over by a car and she replied "Was it holding a NUT?" I just about cracked up!! Now, that was funny!


Grandma Sue said...

Way to go Colten!!! Can't wait to see some video of him snowboarding and Cami and Karsen racing down the hill. Next year I will probably have a hard time keeping up. Can't wait til next year and another ski day on the hill!!!!