March 22, 2009

Who's feet are those? and A Crazy GIrl!

So, you might think this is Colten looking at the size of those feet, but it's KARSEN! Karsen started playing basketball and he's doing great! He's got a shot you can BANK MONEY on! He's growing up so fast and I can't believe he fit into these Basketball shoes. We bought them for Colten when he played back in September. They now fit Karsen at a size 3 1/2. Any smaller and he said "he wouldn't be able to jump as high - his toes would touch"!
Here's the big boy all ready to play ball!
So, Cambria always keeps busy. I don't know exactly how many ways she's arranged and categorized these beads - but it's a lot! She has done it by color, size, shapes, and even makes them all exactly alike! She's a creative, yet organized girl!
Here she is with her latest design.. all small beads and in order of color. COOL!