April 20, 2009

Skirts by Mom!

So, after a few friends bugged me enough, I am posting the skirts I made for Cambria over the Spring Break. They literally take about an hour and are so cute! Cambria loves them and wants me to make her more things - that's what really counts! I have a really cute dress to make for the summer, but I've got to get geared up for more of a challenge.. I'll let you all know how it goes!
Cambria showing you the 1st skirt I made... then, with a few alterations and "ME" ideas, I made this one....


David and Teishi Kennedy said...

So cute and great fabrics! My sister-in-law has me make her girls skirts like this for holidays. The most recent was for Easter and a trip to DC for the White House Egg Roll. I'll have to ask her for photo to post.

Caleen said...

Love the skirts.. cambria looks so cute.. I love seeing your projects on the blog.. I know you have crafty talents.... Oh, by the way..
Yes.. I love Lace!!! After going to Europe and especially France.. They do a lot with lace and it is so beautiful.. So, maybe that is why I am loving it.. I guess I just love anything old.. :) Love the Ski pictures.. You guys had a great ski year.. I am sure you will have plenty of run-off and water.. Unlike us.. we are in a drought for sure.. Love the Easter pictures too. So cute.. Take care..