April 20, 2009

Spring Break... Really? GREAT!!

I know... record year! This was our Spring Break? Honestly, this is getting out of hand. It's April 16 for goodness sake! But.. of course, we enjoyed it and I even got to shovel again! Like I tell Brett - It's great exercise!
So, Brett's dad called us for a last ski day and we couldn't say NO. We went to Snow Basin where the kids got to ride in a Gondola = they thought it was really COOL! It's that thing you can see in the top of the picture.  Makes for a warm and easy ride up!
Family shot with the snowboard/ski park behind us and Huntsville,UT  in the background! It was a very warm day and we got lots of sunshine! We saw a girl in a bikini.. I know, I know- maybe next year!
Colten FLYING on this jump.. we had an awesome day in this terrain park!
and Again.. COLTEN!
Karsen's amazing AIR! Listen to his reaction at the end.. 
(mute the music playing on the blog)
Mom catching some Air .. Brett gave me the thumbs up for being "33"
THese Really ArE the LAsT SkiING Videos YoU WiLL See...


Amy said...

I LOVE the videos, woo hoo you guys caught some air. And honestly I told you last night, seriously you need to go into business on making the skirts. I know I'd buy a bunch. Do it, Do it, Do it!! They are DARLING!! See you tonight at the game!