June 22, 2009

A little journaling...funny!

Last Saturday, we had a funny morning with the kids.. We enjoyed a lazy morning laying in bed until 10:45 am or so and all three of our kids joined us for about the last 45 minutes. As we were laying there telling stories and talking about things they'd been up to lately, Karsen sweetly asks me if I want a massage. Now, who's going to turn that down? On many occasions, our kids will give us both massages, but Karsen's are the best! While Karsen started scratching my back, I mentioned quietly that this was worth at least a dollar! (He was doing really good) Well, I know Colten heard and jumped in massaging Brett's back since he was sore from running 3 hours the day before! After 10 minutes had passed, i told Karsen he was up to $1.50 at least! He replied innocently and said .. "It's okay mom, I'll just take a $5." - like that was cheaper than 1.50. Brett and I just giggled because we were getting the best massages at a very cheap rate! More time passed and we couldn't believe the kids were still massaging us - backs, legs, calves, feet - we were in heaven! They even got out the massaging roller. To finalize this - when they were about done, we told them that they had definitely each earned their $1.50 when to our surprise, Karsen quickly spoke up and bargained for $1.80! No JOKE! Brett & I laughed inside.. and Karsen saw this and quickly said "Just Kidding. $1.50 is good!" - like 1.80 was breaking the bank - it was hilarious!! Then, we laughed out loud and the kids started giggling and laughing really hard - it was a great morning! Which reminds me... we still need to pay them!

That same night - Cambria and I were wrapping Brett's Father's Day gifts - a wetsuit for his triathlon races (Spudman this year), some shirts and a tie! I was having her color on a brown gift bag when she saw a small tear. I grabbed the tape and proceed to fix it so she could color when she told me "Mom, give ME the tape - I can fix it you know!" (with a little grown-up attitude) I told her "Cambria - just BE a KID!" She replied quickly " Okay, cause you don't want me to grow up and move into a house with my own HUSBAND!"  "WHAT" I gasped. (why was she even saying that word - husband - like she knew exactly what that was) After I looked at her silly letting her know I didn't want her to grow up that fast and get married - she said "Mom -THAT'S WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOU GET BIGGER  - you KNOW!!  I must say - what a girl our Cambria is. Nothing gets past her - she knows life and wants to do it all.  I just really hope she enjoys being a kid while she can!


Amy said...

Funny because I told Tay I would pay him a dollar if he even did just 3 mintues and he lasted no joke about 20 seconds. You guys are lucky! Cute stories!