July 6, 2009

Brett's 1st Biathlon Race

I know this happened a few weeks ago, but I still wanted to blog it.. Brett raced in his first Biathlon with friend, Mark (pictured here in the red jersey) at Soldier's Hollow.
Brett (in the blue & black jersey) @ take-off!
Ready, Set, Ride!
He actually has a pretty good shot! This was the best part!
Brett riding again...
Does anybody recognize this guy? - SURVIVORS (TV show) ONE and ONLY = TYSON! Yes, he was at the race and I met he & his mom - she's a sweetheart and he's a heart-breaker! It's okay girls.. Brett was racing at this point and didn't see... HEE! HEE! You bet I'll be at all Brett's mountain bike races NOW!
Although I'm not sure how much of the race they really watched... Hmmm!
Mark & Lana's son, Gabe picking up on a cute girl.. and I might just add - this boy can really GO GO GO on this bike.. You should see him!!


Mark, Lana and Gabe said...

Ok, that picture of Gabe with Kali is way too cute. I need a copy of it!