July 6, 2009


Brigham Young University 
"Stadium of Fire"  2009
Our first year to attend the Stadium of Fire 4th of July Celebration since we moved to Utah, and I don't think we'll miss another one EVER! Especially, if the kids get to decide and Brett doesn't get a vote!
We had great seats right next to the firework BLAST-OFF point and right next to the stage! It couldn't have been better!
The performances were very well done and the kids were impressed!
The 'fly-overs' by the F-16 Fighter jets and helicopters were absolutely fantastic!
as Cambria told Brett... "these are the REAL JONAS BROTHERS DAD - the REAL ones!"
Cambria's long locks of hair dancing to the JONAS BROS.
Karsen chillin' with dad at the concert...
Cambria singing "GOTTA FIND YOU!" with the Jonas Brothers  - she was so excited and had a blast that she even told Brett at one point "I wish MOM could marry Joe Jonas.. that would be COOL!"
I caught Karsen in action.. SINGING!
Colten too.. they loved the concert!
the FLAG which has flown for years at BYU and during the OLYMPICS in SLC was retired this night! We witnessed an absolute amazing Burning of the Flag Ceremony - you don't get to see that very often. The flag measured 60x100 ft.
the Retiring of the Flag Ceremony. It was carried in by many soliders, laid in the ring you see and then burned. It was so quiet in the stadium... I'll never forget that moment!
Just an ounce of what we witnessed that night.. It was a night like no other 4th of July for our family! What an incredible experience and I can't wait to go year after year. In Cambria's exact words.. "Mom, I hope you buy these tickets online every year so we can come here!" You can bet she and I will at least be there as long as we live here!