July 1, 2009

One Rainy, Stormy 1st of July??

Some things just take time to finish. Brett built these planter boxes on the side of our house and we are finally finishing up the planting. We've planted tomatoes, corn, squash, lettuce, green beans, strawberries, watermelon, peas, basil, green bell peppers and cilantro. I guess we'll just have to see what really grows well. My G'pa Cal and dad can grow just about anything, so I'm hoping I inherited a little bit of their luck in the garden!
Corn, Lettuce and Squash (Don't know why I planted squash - I don't even like it!)
Strawberries & Watermelon
Tomatoes (Don't like them either, but maybe they'll make spaghetti sauce? (Anyone have a recipe?) Okay - I guess I'll just let Brett eat them!
"And the RAIN came TUMBLING DOWN "
So, what's with this crazy weather? You're not going to believe it, but earlier today, the kids and I went swimming and it was HOT! This happened 2 hours after we came home. The kids want to slip 'n' slide right now, but I can't seem to get a break from the weather to set it up. Gonna have to wait 'til tomorrow. Anybody seen INKHEART? Great movie - we watched it last night as a family, so maybe we'll go watch it again! P.S. Brett is doing okay. He's recovering slowly.
Here is what else we (or I must say "i") finished today. A little while ago, Brett built our garden boxes and we are just filling them. We still have more rocks to load around the boxes, but we are mostly done! We are excited to see what fruit and vegetables successfully grow this year!


David and Teishi Kennedy said...

I hate tomatoes, too! But every year I grow thousands of them and give them away. And I have a fantastic spaghetti sauce recipe from my mother-in-law, if you'd like it!