August 25, 2009

California Vacation - 3rd stop: Santa Cruz & Capitola Beach

The water was cold.. so only the bravest got in!
the Boy Cousins..
Karsen, Blake, Kaden & Colten
Just working hard... way to go kids.. it looks GREAT!
Okay, so we made it look like we made this - but we borrowed it just for a great picture!
What else do you do on the beach?
Especially when it can turn into an amazing piece of art!
Almost done... the cousins hard at work! or play!
Sorensen grandkids -Colten... downtown Santa Cruz!
Sorensen Family in Santa Cruz 2009
Dad & Colten were the bravest of the bunch! the water was very COLD...
and this seemed to be a great way to keep WARM!
Cambria absolutely did all she could at the BEACH!
Cambria loved the beach... and couldn't get enough!
Her Favorite part - searching for seashells!
"I hope you always have a shell in your pocket and sand in your shoes"
"Living in the moment"
Sandy times + Fun times = good memories!


Jay, Holly, Talen said...

Cute pics:) Gotta love the California beaches!

Caleen said...

Looks like so much fun.. We never got to the beach this summer.. Oh, well.. maybe next year.. You guys looked like you had a fun vacation..

Stephanie said...

We have looking at your blog, my girls have watched every movie clip and love it. Great job! I finally am about caught up with mine too. I need to get into this picnicking thing, I like it.