September 12, 2009

California Vacation - 4th stop: Highway Patrol Academy Graduation

My brother graduated from the Academy in August. It was a very special day as we are all so very proud of his accomplishment!
My brother and I - I caught him outside the auditorium before walking the stage to become an official CHP officer!
Cambria & her cousin Sierra
Cambria (5) and Sierra (2)
the photographer Kasey and his gang!
After graduation.. Kyle's the 2nd in line
Don't mess with this guy!
Well, he's actually really nice!
(I don't know about on the highway)
my brother Kyle & wife Sarah..
My littlest brother Kyle and our family on his CHP graduation day!
My brother(s).. Kasey & his family with Uncle Kyle
G'pa Bill & G'ma Charlotte very proud of their grandson!


Amy said...

How cool for your bro Kirst!! I love the beach pics, so so fun!! You guys all look great.

Seriously feel like I haven't talked to you forever, but I know you've been WAAYYY busy with your little projects. Hope to see you tomorrow at church or did Brett do Lotaja??? Talk to you soon.

Caleen said...

Looks like you had a great time.. So wonderful for Kyle.. Real proud of him.. You all look great.. Glad you had so much fun.. Cute pictures..