September 13, 2009

California Vacation - Final Stop: the TAHOE RIDGE resort

we LOVE going to Tahoe..
we hiked, played, swam, gambled (a little) and played some more
(funny story = Brett and I have always had a hard time gambling - but this was funny. We would take turns and only lose $2.50 at a time on the nickel & quarter machines. When we'd win big (about $3) we'd cash out and move on to another machine. Once we lost $20 - which took us a little more than an hour - we looked at each other and agreed we'd rather spend our $$ on a COLD STONE ice cream treat and souvenir stickers for the kids. So - we left, got our treats and came back feeling better about how we spent the other $20 we'd allowed ourselves at the casino! I guess the moral of our story is.. You won't be catching Brett or I winning BIG anytime SOON!)
time for some FAMILY fun!
(we missed kasey's fam)
Bring it on = miniature golf tournament!
Papa Kirk & Colten start us off!
Uncle Kyle & Aunt Sarah trying to weasel their way into 1st place...
but no worry, Cambria's on my team.. we've got them All!
Brothers ready to take the GAME to another level..
at least the big boys DID
(I think they were playing for swedish fish candies)
swim time was always FUN!
Uncle Kyle and Colten WARMING UP!


Caleen said...

Great Pictures and fun..

Have a Great Day... Love ya.