September 28, 2009

Mom's 34th Birthday

I turned 34 on September 25!
Wow.. what a #. I never dreamt I would ever be this OLD... and to think time isn't slowing down! When life is moving, days don't seem to be going too fast - but when birthdays hit, I look back and always seem to think... Where did the time go? and WHY so fast? It's amazing how things change as you get older.. but I quickly have to say I am HAPPY, I LOVE my FAMILY and I am looking forward to a GREAT 34th YEAR!
"Hair cuts anonymous.." that's what Brett thinks I should join! Girls who are always wanting to go shorter! Well - I've hit short enough and love it!
Last year at 33! Fun to see a little change.


Amy said...

Happy Birthday to a beautiful sweet friend. Love the pics and yes you looked so darling Sunday, glad you got some pics! Love all the updates, so so fun. Seriously Colten can do a back flip, he's an animal, I love it!

It will be fun to hang next Monday. Have a good day!