September 30, 2009

Cascade Springs: AUG 19 2009

Aug 19,2009 Hiking near Cascade Springs
Back side of American Fork Canyon
A beautiful place full of natural springs!
Like I just said = FUN!
Karsen's always finding a way to climb or hang on something - he loves it!!
A beautiful butterfly.. can you find it?
Hey dad! What does that sign mean?
Nothing kids.. it's for sissys!
Especially when you can catch one of these!
Don't worry - we put it back!
It just so amazingly pretty!
Just a bunch of silliness!
Colten wanted to take a picture of us... turned out cute!
these kids really love ADVENTURE!
What a girl.. sometimes, she just AMAZES us!
Karsen practicing his monkey-toe throw!
the KING of monkey-toe throwing
and it really did hit me.. he has a good aim!
(You can see it right below his foot)