September 30, 2009

School's Back! Aug 13 2009

School started over a month ago.. I know! I am doing my best to catch up!
Colten is a 3rd grader this year!
Karsen's a 2nd grader
Aren't they so handsome? i think so!
She just loves it and worries that I am bored when she is gone.. so sweet!
Our little girl is growing up!
the 3 muskateers are BACK in SCHOOL!
Here is their MONDAY DRESS UP DAY attire!
they look so professional and smart!
gotta love uniforms


Amy said...

Darling pics of the kiddos. I LOVE how you make your pictures look so good and add little captions, very cool. And Cascade Springs looks so fun, snake and all! Love to see all the awesome pictures!

How was Miley Cirus??

Sarah and Jeremie said...

Cute Kids! Your oldest looks like he is tall. I noticed they wear uniforms. What school do they go to?

Sarah and Jeremie said...

Got your post. Tiffany's kids went to Timpanogos Academy when they lived in pleasant grove so I was just wondering. Let's get together. Our house will be officially done on the 15th because that's when it is getting appraised. After that I'm free.